On a city trip …. Weekend in London (1)!

Hello, hello! I hope you all had a great summer! Today I want to share with you my journey through some parts of London this summer – and of course my very personal and special recommendations of places to visit.

I flew into London City on Friday late afternoon. I had booked one of my favourite Hotels in Canary Wharf – The Novotel Novotel Hotel Canary Wharf! It´s so stylish, great views and very cool! The restaurant Bokan 37 is really outstanding!! Bokan 37 restaurant Check it out. Dinner is amazing, great food and really friendly staff. The only comment I have to make is regarding the service at the rooftop bar. Very slow, tip is automaticaly include although it is selfservice, very overprized … it´s a shame as it is also a great location.

I started quite early on Saturday morning with Jubilee-Line to get to London Bridge station. The first place I wanted to visit was Borough Market Borough Market. A visit of this amazing food market is always a great start into the weekend! And there is the best coffee place ever … Monmouth Coffee Monmouth Coffee.

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After my coffee & croisant I walked along the Thames Path Thames Path, past one of the oldest Pubs The Anchor (be careful – Thieves also like that place full of tourist!) The Anchor – Pub

2018-07-21 11.10.32

And got to the Shakespeare Globe Shakespeare Globe. I higly recommend a guided tour and also the visit of an play! Both is really a great experience!

2018-07-21 11.17.47

Next step on my stroll along the Thames was then the Tate Modern and the Picasso exhibition this summer. A very good compilation of some of his art! Picasso 1932 Love-Fame-Tragedy.

And I took a selfie in front of St Pauls cathedral from the Millenium Bridge 😉

The next highlight on my way was then the OXO Tower Oxo Tower Wharf and Gabriels Wharf Gabriels Wharf.

After so many impressions of variuos kinds of art I felt very hungry. The vibrant Southbank center was not that far away and I remembered that small streetfood market just behind the building and found delicious food, some drinks, good coffee and sweets to treat myself and relax a bit Food Market.

2018-07-21 14.17.07 HDR

My last and final stop before I went back was London Eye London Eye. The Champagne Tour is very special!! Must be amazing on evenings when the City gets dark. Pre-Booking is recommended and the queues are really long.

2018-07-21 15.15.36

Oh, before I forget: I had Dinner at Tom´s Kitchen in Canary Wharf Tom´s Kitchen Restaurant. Also very good and delicious and less noisy. Very relaxing after and exciting day!

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