#MyTubeDiary – Vol 6

Friday, 1st February – 2019

Two women talking with eachother:

W1: Agghh … I am already soo stressed!!

W2: Why? What happened?

W1: I already had a massive argument with my husband! He is such and idiot! And all the stress till we are all ready and out in the morning! I hate all those battles and debates!

W2: Ah ok. No we don´t have arguments in the morning. Sometimes the kids are having arguments with eachother so that I have to tell them off … but heyho …!

W1: The kids are never having discussions with eachother but my husband gets me on my nerves! I know it could all be less stressful if I would awake the kids already at 6.15am in the morning. But I am not awake so why should I rush myself. It normally all works out in 45 minutes to get ready and have some quick breakfast. But if I have to have arguments then it all collapses …

W2: So what happened then this morning?

W1: This morning for example he was telling me I should give the kids some proper medicine against their cold rather then all homopathic stuff! I go really angry! He can go for it! Buy it and give it to them! I really believe in homopathic treatments! Such and idiot! sometimes it feels like I have three kids instead of two!!

W2: Hmmmm ….

W1: My brother is a bit smarter. He said to me that he would never interfere his wife in her education of their kids as she spents 80% of the time with them and he only sees the kids probably 20% of the day. So she knows exactly whats needed and he fully trusts her in her decisions. So he is smart and MY husband could learn a lot from him! Why does he think he needs to tell me what to do? ………….

W2: Well yes. Very true! Quick other question: My daughter was very sad this morning that she is not getting mid term school results today: Her best friend is getting them at her school but I think they are not getting one at the school our kids are going to. Right? Are they getting mid term score and scores at all next year?

W1: Yes, they are not getting mid term scores at that school. And I am very pleased and glad about it! Why do you want scores and grades?? Is so much better … no pressure and no stress …….

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