#Chobe – still looking for a male lion and leopards …

The next destination of our safari was then Kasane. 260 km drive from Elephant Sands Lodge away we arrived at the Big 5 Chobe Lodge https://www.bigfivechobelodge.com/ the accomodation for the next two nights. Right at Chobe river located a very basic Lodge. Due to an issue with the water our chalets havent had been cleaned when we arrived. So we used the time for a small sandwich lunch and a cool drink before we started to our 3 hours boat tour on Chobe river.

As our tour guide said good bye at this point to us I got more and more pushed into kind of a tour guide role for our group …. at 2.30pm some tour guides picked us up at the Lodge to drive us to the boats. By 3pm the tour then started and I must say it was a really, really amazing tour. We were very lucky with our boat driver & guide. He spotted so many birds and reptiles for us!! Hippos and crocodiles were swimming around us, we saw so much! The 3 hours passed so quickly and could have last forever …. close before sunset we then returned back to the boat anchorage.

When we arrived back at the Lodge we realized that at this Lodge you had to be either super early and to take all the food you want to eat from the buffet in one go or you will not get anything to eat 🙂 So some lessons learnt for breakfast next morning. We started at 5.30am for our game drive through the Chobe Nationalpark. I was sitting right behind the driver of the Safari Jeep and made kind of a joke saying that I really would love to see male lions and leopards this morning as that might be the last opportunity. So after he paid the entrance fee he turned left more deeper into the nationalpark rather then following the other Jeeps to the right going done to the coast line. And guess what – I nearly couldnt believe it!! After a couple of kilometers we saw a lion family lieing in front of us in the sand – the male lion hiding in the bushes!! So amazing …..

After that he drove down to the normal route and we saw again lot´s of differerent animals. Our driver was calling the leopards for me “Leopard, Leopard where are you? I did sent you a note but you never came back to me ….” – however no leopard showed up! Nevertheless the others animals are equally amazing, hippos on land, herds of elephants crossing our path again, warthogs diggine close to our path … we had a little picknick at the end of the park before we returned back …

And on the way back we finally spotted another lion!! Very exciting!! He was a younger one and still on hunt and I finally got a perfect photo shot:

Again the 3 hours passed soooo quickly and I could have started the tour all over again! Amazing wildlife …..

After we returned we ate the leftovers from the other people as breakfast and then spent the rest of the day enjoying the sun, doing some laundry and re-packing for our final safari destination in Zimbabwe. And we had a couple of Gin Tonics before this time we had been the first at the dinner place to secure some food 🙂

So see you soon for the last post from my amazing trip!
Ina T.

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