2019 – First month is over! …

… 2019 is already in full swing. Time to take a short break and spend some thoughts on this new year. How are you doing with your new years resolutions? Still working on them or did you already give up? What´s your thoughts on 2019? …. Also it´s time to look at the predicts for January from my tarot cards for this year …

If you remember I had the card saying I would realize that I believed in some illusions. So I am still not so sure what kind of illusions might have cleared up in the last month hence why I didnt finish that post here yet. It could be about some friends, well friends which maybe are not so much my friends then I thought? It could be also seomthing regarding my job? Or it could be regarding a guy I was actually thinking would be a bit interested in me but maybe not? …. Hmmm ….. So still all very vague! I probably need to wait till February is over to see clear (was that also not the card for February anyway? :-)) ….

If you have an idea and some suggestions please let me know!

Ina T.

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