#MyTubeDiary – Vol 7

Friday, 22nd February

A guy and a women sitting next to eachother – both their smartphone in their hands …

He: It´s really a pitty if you do not have a girlfriend!

She: Why?

He: I really hate it! I so much would like to find a girlfriend again! I have enough dating all these girls …..

She: But why? Could be lot´s of fun to meet so many different girls? Why do you hate it?

He: I would really love to know to whom I belong to instead of all these sometimes wasted evenings … ONS … all the shit about friends with benefits … I am really looking for something serious!

She: I see ….

He: Currently I am dating two girls parallel. And I just got a text that they both maybe are invited to the same birthday party tonight. One of them is best friends with someone who is best buddy of the one celebrating birthday and the other one is friends with someone from the other clique. And the one of my friends who knows that I am seeing the two girls atm will not be there. So he can not have an eye on them and make sure that the two are not starting to talk with eachother ……

She: Oh shit!

He: Yes!! Not good! I might be in trouble!! If the two girls are talking about the guy they are currently dating and that it all sounds so very much like the same guy …… but what shall I do?

She: Don´t know! … only hoping that they have other topics to talk about 🙂

He: Maybe I should already start to look for another girl?!

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