So let´s see – February is also over …

Maybe you remember that someone did the Tarot cards for me for 2019. So I am doing a monthly review on the cards to see how they did fit. To recap quickly: For February was the card of the Queen of the swords. The clouds are also on that card, so it is in connection with January, they are in the bottom under the chair, the Queen sit´s already upright, the sword to the heaven, it´s the month of getting it under control whilst the dust is moving away.

Well, whilst I wasnt sure what the clouds stood for in January I am now pretty sure it was regarding my job. As I had in February some highlevel conversations about further career and job opportunities for me and it seems that there might be a bigger role available in due course which I actually never thought that this would come up for me. I also started some really innovational and grest projects at work which will and have reached some visibility in the organisation and are reflecting very possitivly on me. So let´s see how it all will pan out. Fingers crossed!

Yours Ina T.

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