#MyTubeDiary Vol 8

Friday, 7th June 2019

A family with two kids was waiting with me at the bus station. The had some large luggages so looked like they would go on travel for a long weekend. The bus was late … as usual! And she started panicing ….

“Sorry, what do you think, we shall do now? She asked her husband, whilst the kids played with the luggage and let them rolling down the street. “Our itineray is really tight? You think we should walk to the train station?”

He: “Well, walking is not really an option as it will take too long and the kids are not speedy enough”

She: “But what shall we do if we miss our train? Could you not walk down the street in the direction of the bus and look if he is coming?”

He: “Ok, ok! I can do that even though I really don´t know what that would bring!!” …

He eventually started walking back. Another neighbour came along and stopped chatting. She got really angry! I am really sorry but I am very tense at the moment and have no time. We are waiting for the bus and we need to catch our train and he is late … she called her husband on the mobile to check if he could see the bus … thanks god he was now just around the corner, so her husband was running back to the bus stop. Both got on and the conversation continued ….

She: “So, what´s the time now? and what time is the tube supposed to arrive? How many minutes are left? You think we will make it?”

He: “Yes I think so. Look the bus is now really quick. He made already three stopps in just 4 minutes. So let´s see but I am pretty confident that we can make it.”

She: “But look at the time!! It´s only eight minutes till the tube arrival. And the next tube will only come then 15 minutes after which will then leave us nearly no time to catch the train.”

He: “Let´s see …..”

She: “But what are we doing if we don´t make the train?? Look the traffic light turns red now ….. Shall we have a look what time the next train will depart? But if that is then 2 hours later we will be to late at the hotel …… “

He got really angry! “Can you please stop now!! We will not worry about something which we are not clear yet!! We will only start to make plan B if we really missed the train, BUT not NOW!!”

The bus made it to the train station stop. The four of them got of the bus. He running in front, she rushing her kids with harsh words to follow the father whilst I was walking in normal speed. And guess what, we met again at the tube station … 🙂

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