#MyTubeDiary Vol 9

Two men talking….

„How are you?“

„I am fine! How are you? Long time no see …. How is your colleague doing? Is he back at work now?“

„You mean Paul? No, he isnt! He is still suffering…. it really was a shock for him! After so many years and he didnt see it coming ….“

„Yeah! I can imagine! How many years have the eben married?“

„Almost 20 years! And now she wants the house, the kids, the dog all for herself and the sole care! She doesnt allow him to see the kids.“

„Oh really?! That bad? How can someone be so evil after so many years living together as a couple?“

„I don’t know! Something must have gone really wrong! Some couples they just live side by side and don’t realize that Love is already gone …. and she then met that amazing young guy adoring her ….“

„That was the final reason then? A new guy? And now she throwing her entire former life away? Just for some good hot sex and fresh love?“

„Yes! It must be really hard for Paul! Such a great guy! Worked too much … and now everything felt apart… No family, no house, lots to pay her out … so no surprise that he had a mental breakdown …“

„Let’s hope he recovers soon and let us be careful that we will not experience the same …“

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