Ina‘s Bedtime Stories … Vol 1

Oh yes, life is very limited at the moment and somehow no end in sight … What are you doing during this looong shutdown??? Me: Reading, watching TV, painting, somehow doing sports alone outside, social media, online games AND making phone calls!! Does this look familiar to you? 🙂 Have you rediscovered the telephone function of your smartphone? The best evenings are “chatters” with friends, whether via video or just on the phone … And there are some interesting insights, often over a glass of red wine, that are revealed in this way. I thought I would summarize a few of the most beautiful & remarkable “experience reports” taken from the lifes of my friends in my new little mini-series “Ina’s Bedtime Stories”. Maybe you have similar stories? Then please share!! We could use more cheer right now.

Ina T.

Vol 1 – in bed with your partner

I don’t even know how our conversation suddenly developed into this direction … in any case, we suddenly talked about the different positions when sleeping with our partner. Stop! We didn’t talk about sex positions, but how everyone lies in bed with their partner every night and what that might say about the relationship. If you believe numerous women’s magazines and news magazines, then the sleeping position of couples clearly indicates the relationship status. So I am sharing some of the essentials from what I caught from that that conversation with you …

  • Butt against butt doesn’t make you happy!” or something like that … Some people interpret it that way: Both partners pay attention primarily to themselves and their own needs.
  • There is the position like “Knotted“, which is mainly typical for fresh lovers. On the flipside that could be also a hint of an intoxicating love or emotional dependence?
  • There are some “Place robber” out there in the beds! In those relationships almost nothing is okay?
  • Whilst with the position “Covered” everything must be great! Both are concentrating on each other.
  • And with the position “Arranged” both do have so called personal freedom in bed but also in their relationship, without any selfish touches.
  • Similar to the arranged position there are some equal positions called “Protected“, “Spoons“, “Ice age” or “Scissors” ….

No matter how you call them the interpretations of the various sleeping positions are the same every time: The closer you are together, no matter if your arms fall asleep, a knee is in your back or any faltulence under the sheets, the more harmonious the relationship!

Talking about the faltulences under the sheets all of a sudden one of the girls shared that with us: “No idea why I tried it for so long! I thought it had to. I can’t fall asleep because someone breathes against my neck, breathes in and out … tickle my neck hair. I want to pull the sheet over my head, but it’s not possible because my partner holds it tightly clamped under his armpits. I turn around, but that makes things worse. I try to turn my nose so that I don’t immediately re-inhale his exhaled. Goodness! And then the mattress, constantly moving. Because my partner lying next to me rolling back and forth in his sleep. Up and down the mattress goes up and down, up and down, up and – nothing. Why nothing?! Why is he not breathing, why is he no longer moving? Hello??? He will definitely start again right away! Will he?? Well, come on!! Look, there he is again. Meanwhile, I’m awake with anger! But reading is also not possible, for that I would have to turn the light on and my benesleep would then be angry. Great! I was constantly tired and exhausted because I never could sleep. Who is to blame for that? Of course my partner, who else?! It’s completely reckless, just to breathe in bed.”

Sleeping separately is almost a taboo for many! You can take a separate shower, shop, work and even have breakfast. But those who sleep separately are, in the generally prevailing opinion, a single. A couple who don’t share their bed with each other, even though they might because they live together, run the risk of speculating about their most intimate private affairs: “Isn’t the two of them doing so well anymore?” Single-bed users are suspected of no longer having sex with eachother. Actually in our chat it sounded like the opposite is often the case. Then, when the bed is no longer the common battle zone around occupied square centimeters, reading light, turn-around noises and set wake-up times, but a declared place of pleasure more is possible ….. they get closer when they both like it! You have fun and no one snores afterwards …. 🙂

So that was it in a nutshell from our convo over wine …. I hope it made you laugh! I wish you sweet dreams tonight and sleep well!

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