5 times 5: Short Love Stories Vol 4

Small scenes, observations, excerpts, excerpts of large texts, which may become the starting point for new stories when reading. A lot of it is fantasy, some things are written off, everyone can grow and write in between … A game for all those interested and those who enjoy small stories! Enjoy and please do jump in and write in between, add new love stories and and and …

Ina T.

She no longer knew what exactly had fascinated her about him. He was kind of funny, but also a little too pushy, wanted to see her all the time. If she was honest, she felt constricted, everything was moving too fast, too tight, that she withdrew. She met him again a few months later. There it was the subliminal attraction again! Actually, he was exactly her type. This time she felt provoked by him, which surprisingly fascinated her! He was about to look behind her hard shells. And then he revealed to her that he was actually still flirting with a nice lady … a world collapsed for her! A few weeks later he got back to her. He had ended his flirt. They arranged to meet for dinner. She cooked and it was a really nice evening until a discussion about dreams and goals in life started. There she was again, the provocation. This time she parried them and one word led to the other … Although she said sorry a multiple times, he could not say sorry or forgive her.

Now she was waiting for him. It was Saturday morning and they had an appointment to have a croissant and espresso at a rustic cafe. She was abroad on a business trip for a few weeks and she was looking forward to a relaxing weekend. It promised to be a sunny late summer weekend and she was excited. She had known him for a few years. They had a few interests in common, loved taking photos, strolling through flea markets, music off the mainstream, watching people and exploring cities. At one point she had made him the offer that she could show him the secret corners of that city on a weekend during her business trip. And he took her at her word! She had known for some time that he probably felt a little more than just acquaintance with her. The spark hadn’t really jumped over with her so far, but who knows: a great city, two days together, sun, delicious food might help that more develops. But somehow he was a bit stiff and so little spontaneous and when a pigeon shit on his sleeve, he could no longer enjoy the day …

A character with rough edges, clever and smart, well-read, unconventional, good-looking in his own way. She found him fascinating. If she could earn his respect and trust, she would be very happy and proud. He didn’t trust many people and couldn’t admit his feelings, because although he looked very self-confident on the outside, he was on the inside rather shy and insecure. She was pretty sure that such an exciting guy would never be interested in her as a woman, he was into other types of women. But maybe friendship was possible?

It was a nice mild summer day and she had decided to spend it comfortably on the beach. She found a cozy place, a little sheltered in the dunes with a good view of the sea. She stuck her nose into her exciting book, dozed and dreamed to herself. She didn’t even know when she’d noticed the handsome, sporty young man. He ran along the water. When he came back she ran after him and saw where he had spread his bath towel and let himself fall into the sand. Well, so that it doesn’t attract attention, she had to go a little further and decided to get a cappuchino upstairs at the kiosk. When she passed him on the way back, he carefully ran after her. He hesitated whether by chance he should lie down next to her in the dunes, but then took courage and came to her. She looked into his blue eyes, saw the slightly mischievous smile and with a little small talk began a wonderful, cheerful and unforgettable afternoon together.

So the Two got on a couple of dates most of the time on the weekend when he was not seing his kids. Then all of a sudden after half a year of dating he stopped getting in touch with her. His mum was seriously ill and he had to spent the weekends with her which was fine and completely understandable however the text messages got less and less and then finally she didnt hear anything …. After ages all of a sudden he contacted her again via WhatsApp. Started flirting again and didn´t say a word about the past months. She was on holiday and in a flirty mood so she enjoyed the light exchange of messages. He wanted to see her for a date again after her return. She was very relaxed and thought “why not?”. So when she came back from her trip she reached out to him … and didn´t hear anything. After a while he wrote her that he is now back to his home city and not longer in her sourroundings.

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