Ina´s Bedtime Stories … Vol 2

“I´d love to be …”

Every year, when the days get shorter, it’s cold and windy outside and the raindrops patter on my window, then I love the time in my cozy bed. I crawl deeper under my warm blankets … and dwell on my thoughts until I fall asleep. Sometimes I wake up at night too. … No alarm clock, phone, always the same time. I lie still in bed, look towards the window, through the curtain comes the light of the moon into my bedroom, blurring the last thoughts of my dream. I love those moments! So I can hang on to my daydreams …. like what I would love to do, to be …. Have you thought about that?

For example, I would love to be in my own show! So I imagine I have my own show – a multimedia spectacle. What kind of show would it be be? Talkshow? Late Night? Scripted Reality? Comedy? Fake? Real encounters? What would be the main theme of my show? Fashion? People? Life? Travel? Science? Music? The borders would be as obscure as my curtain in front of the window. What would I wear? Costumes? Stunning dresses? Cool sytles? And my hair! How would I do my hair?

Who would be a good guest? Who have I always wanted to meet? Our studio would be different every time, the scenery sometimes big, sometimes minimalist or surreal … maybe we record the show with my guests in a fantastic landscape …

Tzzzzz ………..

(I felt asleep in the middle of my own show ….)

Ina T.

P.S. What is your favorite daydream? I would love to hear!

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